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Last modified: October 09, 2019


  • You can now use the Data Cleanse tool to remove null columns and rows. 
  • You can now right-click on the Input, Directory, and Output tools, then select Open Containing Folder to view the file in Windows Explorer. 
  • After you save a file with the Browse tool, you can click the hyperlink in the pop-up window to view that file. 
  • You can now convert an Input Data tool to a Dynamic Input tool. 
  • You can convert an Output Data tool to an Input Data tool. 
  • The Browse tool configuration window now displays the Sum for numeric columns. 
  • Calgary tools include file names in annotations like the other input and output tools. 
  • You can now save the Browse tool as an Output Data tool page or a Macro Output tool. 

Additional enhancements

  • The new autorecover feature automatically recovers your files in Designer. 
  • If you have more than one version of your macro, you can now right-click the macro tool in your workflow and select a version.
  • You can now enable and disable the sound the plays when a workflow completes. In the User Settings menu, select Play Sound at Completion of Workflow
  • The Overview window now shows you at a glance what tools have finished running. 
  • You can drag and drop a folder from Windows File Explorer directly onto the canvas to create a Directory
  • You can double-click anywhere in the Overview window when you are zoomed out to zoom in again. 
  • You can now press the space bar to close the Finished running window. 
  • If you clear an annotation for a file, it reverts to the original file name. 
  • Added new hotkey shortcuts for deleting or cutting a tool and connecting to the next tool in the workflow. 
  • Designer now recognizes text files when you drag and drop them onto the canvas. 
  • A blue border now appears when  you select the comment box. 
  • When you have any unsaved workflows, Designer now prompts you to save any unsaved workflows.
  • You can now point to where you want to paste a tool on the canvas when copying and pasting tools. 
  • You can now easily duplicate  a workflow.
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