Quick Start with Connect Loader SDK

Last modified: October 10, 2019

To create a custom loader for Connect:

  1. Download and install:

    • the latest version of Alteryx Connect.
    • the latest Connect Loaders package.
  2. Using Alteryx Designer, create a new workflow.

    • Use the Connect Json Builder tool to build JSON out of your incoming dataset.
    • Use the Connect Output tool to push JSON to Alteryx Connect.


    Loader Workflow Guidelines

    Adhere to the following guidelines for a consistent loader experience.

    • Align workflow elements to improve readability.
    • Group similar elements, such as credentials.
    • Check input values for expected patterns, such as URLs containing "http://"
    • Use the Input Data tool to connect to the database rather than the Dynamic Input tool to ensure a consistent toolset experience when working with the metadata loaders.
    • Create wireless connections from input parameters, such as credentials, to improve legibility.
    • Verify that every loader has sample data to show full capabilities of the connector, including the UI elements to display in Connect.
    • Each workflow is in a separate sub-directory containing the workflow and the related sample data.

Quick Start Examples

Configuration Files: An example demonstrating how to create and manually upload configuration files to Connect.

Configuration File Upload Workflow: An example demonstrating how to upload configurations to Connect via the REST API.

Data Upload Workflow: An example demonstrating the transfer of metadata from Designer to Connect.

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