Last modified: April 02, 2020

On the Credentials page, manage how workflows are run in the Gallery by setting default credentials at the subscription level, requiring users to enter their credentials, or allowing users to select credentials options when saving a workflow in Designer.

To go to the page, click Credentials on the navigation bar.

Select the Credentials Setting

Credentials setting for workflows displays the current credentials setting. The default option is Use default credentials. To change the setting, click Change and select an option:

  • Use default credentials: Runs all workflows using the default Run As account, which defaults to the LocalSystem account. The Run As account may be defined on any of the following process levels, listed in order of precedence:
    • Per studio subscription via Default Credentials
    • Per Server Worker node by adding a Run As account via Alteryx Server System Settings
    • Per Server via modification to Alteryx Service with the Windows Services Console
  • Require user credentials: Prompts users to enter their credentials when they run the workflow.
  • Allow users to select credentials options: Allows users to select credentials requirements when saving a workflow in Designer to a private Gallery. Options include:
    • User is not required to specify credentials
    • User must specify their own credentials
    • Always run this workflow with these credentials

The credentials setting you select may require additional user permissions. For information on setting Run As User permissions, see Set Required Run As User Permissions.

After you select a credentials setting, changing the setting may prevent users from running workflows and disable schedules.

Changing the credentials setting in these ways automatically disables schedules in the Gallery:

  • Use default credentials to Require user credentials
  • Require user credentials to Use default credentials
  • Allow users to select credentials to Require user credentials, if users did not create schedules with credentials
  • Allow users to select credentials to Use default credentials, if users created schedules using their credentials

Create a New Workflow Credential

  1. On the Credentials page, click Add New Credentials.
  2. Type a user's user name and password in Username and Password. The password must be 62 characters or less.
  3. Click Save.

The Gallery validates credentials using active directory. If the credentials are invalid or do not exist, an error message displays.

Share Credentials

  1. On the Credentials page, click a credential name.
  2. Click Users and Studios.
  3. Search for and select a user or subscription to share the credentials with.
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