Quick Start Guide

Last modified: September 03, 2020

This quick-start guide covers the easiest path to getting Alteryx Server installed and configured. For comprehensive help on the these topics visit the full help sections for Install, Configure, and Administer

Install Server

Go to the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal to download Alteryx Server, and follow the instructions below to install and activate it. 

  1. Run the Installer
    • Click Next to continue through each installation screen.
  2. Finalize the Installation
    • On the final installation screen, ensure that the Configure Server now option is selected and click Finish.
    • When updating from Alteryx 11.8 or earlier, Alteryx Server deployments using the default embedded MongoDB will be prompted to run a migration utility to perform the Mongo 3.4 upgrade. This migration must be complete for Alteryx Server to function. 
  3. License Alteryx Server
    • If Alteryx Server has not yet been licensed, you will be prompted to license it. Enter your Email Address and License Key and click Activate.
    • Click Experience Alteryx to begin using Alteryx Server.

Configure Server

After installing the Alteryx Server components and licensing the product, you can configure the System Settings. 

Complete the following steps to configure the basic setup for Alteryx Server with all components running on the same machine. To configure a multi-node instance of Alteryx Server, see Configure Server.

  1. Open System Settings
    • The Alteryx System Settings window should open automatically so you can configure the server settings. If not, double-click the System Settings icon on your desktop.
  2. Specify Server Setup Type
    • Click Next to go to the Environment > Setup Type screen.
    • To configure all components of Alteryx Server to be enabled on the machine, ensure the Complete Alteryx Server option is selected and click Next to continue.
  3. Set Up Global Workspace
    • On the Global Workspace screen, enter a path where temporary and working files can be stored. Other configuration options will use this path as the root path. 
    • Click Next to continue.
  4. Configure Controller and Worker
    • All Controller and Worker configuration settings have default values. For a basic setup, the defaults should suffice.
    • Click Next on each screen until you reach Gallery General.
  5. Select Gallery URL
    • On the Gallery General screen, specify the URL that you wish to provide to users to access the Gallery in Base Address e.g., http://mycompany/gallery field and click Next.
  6. Select Gallery Authentication
    • On the Gallery Authentication screen, select the Authentication Type. Once selected, we discourage changing authentication type as Gallery functionality may be compromised.
    • Enter a Username under Default Gallery Administrator. Enter an email address for Built-in authentication or a domain user (for Windows authentication) and click Next.
  7. Specify SMTP Server
    • On the Gallery SMTP Configuration screen, enter an email address to be used as the From Email so the Server can send email messages. Deselect Enable SMTP to complete the Server setup without enabling SMTP. Email notifications from the Gallery will be disabled until SMTP settings are configured.
    • Enter your SMTP HostUsername, and Password (if necessary) and click Next.
  8. Finalize Configuration
    • Click Next to view or modify the rest of the Gallery and Engine settings.
    • Click Finish. The server services will start.
    • Click Done to close System Settings. If the Gallery has been enabled, you can go to the URL entered in Gallery > General > Base Address to view your Gallery.

Sign in to Gallery

Once Alteryx Server is installed and configured, if the Gallery was enabled, you can open a browser and go to the Gallery URL entered in System Settings in Gallery > General > Base Address.

If you have configured the site to use Windows authentication on the Gallery > General screen, when you go to the Gallery URL you may be prompted to enter your domain credentials in order to sign in.

Sign in to the Gallery Using Windows Authentication

  • Go to the URL entered in System Settings in Gallery General > Base Address during configuration.
  • Enter your Windows Username and Password.
  • Click OK to sign in to your Gallery account.

Sign in to the Gallery Using Built-in Authentication

If you have configured the site to use Built-in authentication, you must take additional steps to create your Gallery Admin account.

  • Go to the URL enter in System Settings in Gallery General > Base Address during configuration.
  • Click Don't have an account? Create one now.
  • Fill out the Sign Up section of the form using the email address that was entered for the Default Gallery Administrator.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • Within the Gallery, you can access the Admin interface by hovering over your profile in the upper-right corner and clicking Admin. Learn more about administering Gallery.
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