Alteryx driver for Excel (.xlsx)

Alteryx has built-in native read and write drivers for Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) to address data loss and performance issues reported with the Microsoft Excel Driver.

By default, all modules with xlsx files will be switched to Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) starting with Alteryx 9.5. To continue to use the existing file format, manually switch back to Microsoft Excel Legacy (*.xlsx).

Features at a glance for the new Microsoft Excel (xlsx) driver include:

  • Microsoft Access Data Engine is not required.
  • Up to 10x read performance improvement for large sheets.
  • Support for reading and writing maximum rows (1,048,575) and columns (16,384).
  • Data types in all rows are read and written accurately e.g.,
    • The full value of a double is returned without rounding.
    • Custom date formats are read and written accurately to date, time or datetime.


The File Format Options in the Output Data Tool available for Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) files via the Alteryx driver provide the same functionality as the Output Options available via the Microsoft Excel Legacy driver.

Alteryx Driver for Microsoft Excel Legacy Driver for Microsoft Excel
Create New Sheet Create New Table
Overwrite File (Remove) Overwrite File (Remove)
Overwrite Sheet (Drop) Delete Data and Append
Append to Existing Sheet Append Existing

Side-by-Side Comparison

  Alteryx Driver for Microsoft Excel Legacy Driver for Microsoft Excel
Name in Alteryx Microsoft Excel (*.xlsx) Microsoft Excel Legacy (*.xlsx)
Default in 9.5 and later Yes No
Access Data Engine required No Yes