Dynamic Input Tool

The Dynamic Input tool reads from an input database at runtime and dynamically chooses what records are read in. Designer filters the database table content and returns only the data that meets the specified criteria. The returned data is joined to the incoming data stream.

File schema errors

To prevent errors, verify the schema of all the files you are reading is the same.

The Dynamic Input tool can improve processing speed when reading a relational database across the network, and can perform spatial queries on relational databases that do not contain spatial objects.

An Input Data tool can be converted to a Dynamic Input Tool.

Configure the tool

  1. Select an Input Data Source Template.
    • Click Edit... to select a path to a file or database table. See the Input Data Tool for more information on supported file types and data sources.
  2. If reading a relational database that contains multiple tables, the Choose Table or Specify Query Window displays.

  3. Select how input data sources are updated at runtime.
    • Read a List of Data Sources: Uses a selected column to perform a selected action on a list of data sources.
    • Modify SQL Query: Uses a SQL query to set which records and values are returned from the database.