Union In-DB Tool

The Union In-DB tool combines two or more In-DB data streams with similar data structures based on field names or field positions. In the output, each column will contain the data from each input.

In-Database enables blending and analysis against large sets of data without moving the data out of a database and can provide significant performance improvements over traditional analysis methods. For more about the In-Database tool category, see In-Database Overview.

Configure the tool

  1. Choose the preferred configuration mode. Choices are:
    • Auto Config by Name: Aligns fields by field name.
    • Auto Config by Position: Aligns fields by their field order in the stream.
  2. When Fields are Different: Select how to handle nonconforming data fields from the dropdown. Choices are:
    • Error - Stop Processing: will throw an error in the Results window, and end the schema.
    • Output All Fields: All fields will be included. Null values will populate empty fields.
    • Output Common Subset of Fields: Only the fields that each input has in common will be outputted.