MongoDB Input Tool

The MongoDB Input tool is used to read data stored in MongoDB databases. MongoDB is a scalable, high-performance, open source, NoSQL database. Learn more about MongoDb.

MongoDB databases store data in a binary JSON format called BSON. Learn more about BSON.

Configure the tool

  • Server:The name of the MongoDB server. Enter localhost to connect to a MongoDb instance you have on the machine running Alteryx.
  • User Name and Password (optional):If your MongoDb instance is running with the –auth option, enter the username/password you wish to connect to.
  • Save Connection History: Select to store the Server, User Name, and Password entered.
  • Database: The name of the MongoDB database.
  • Collection: The name of the MongoDB collection.
  • Mode: There are 2 modes for reading the MongoDB. Depending on the mode chosen, additional configuration is necessary.
  • Record Limit: The ability to limit the documents read from the input data source. Left blank, all documents will be read.