ODBC and OLEDB Database Connections

Designer can access data that resides in a database and bring the data into memory in Designer for processing, or process the data within the database where it resides.

Use the Input Data Tool and Output Data Tool to connect to a database and read in, or write out, data for in-memory processing. Use the Connect In-DB Tool or Data Stream In Tool to connect to the database, read the data, and build the query that is sent to the database when the workflow is run.

Generic ODBC Option

From the Connect In-DB tool, you can select the Generic ODBC option to attempt a connection to an unsupported data source. This option does not guarantee a successful connection to unsupported data sources; however, data sources that are similar to Microsoft SQL Server have the best chance of success.

Designer supports ODBC and OLEDB database connections, various data platforms and drivers. See Supported Data Sources and File Formats.

This page provides steps for adding a new ODBC and OLEDB driver on your computer.