Reporting Tools

The Reporting tool category includes tools that create text, chart, image, map, and table elements, a tool that arranges the elements, and a tool that produces a report.

Add the reporting tools to a workflow to create report elements, combine the report elements with a Join Multiple tool, and connect a Layout tool to format the report. Add a Render tool after the Layout tool to create an output of the final report.

For additional information about using the Reporting category, see Reporting FAQ.

Charting Tool: Displays data in various chart types.

Email Tool: Sends an email for each record in the data.

Image Tool: Adds a graphic to a report.

Layout Tool: Arranges two or more reporting elements in a report.

Map Legend Builder Tool: Combines the parts of a map legend created using the Map Legend Splitter tool into a single legend table, after customization by other tools.

Map Legend Splitter Tool: Splits the legend from the Report Map tool into parts for customization by other tools.

Overlay Tool: Allows reporting elements to be placed on top of one another.

Report Footer Tool: Adds a footer to a report.

Report Header Tool: Adds a header to a report.

Render Tool: Outputs report elements into a variety of different report formats.

Report Map Tool: Creates a map image from spatial data.

Report Text Tool: Adds text to a report or to another report element.

Table Tool: Creates basic data tables and pivot tables from the data.

Visual Layout Tool: Arranges two or more reporting elements on a page to output in a report. The Visual Layout tool accepts multiple inputs, provides a preview of report elements, offers multiple output types and sizes, and allows for both a horizontal and vertical layout. Because the Visual Layout tool accepts inputs from multiple tools, a Join Multiple tool is not needed.