SharePoint List Input Tool

The SharePoint List Input tool reads lists from SharePoint to be used as data input in a workflow.

DateTime data and SharePoint

SharePoint stores all DateTime values as UTC. To correctly convert your system's DateTime values to and from UTC, do the following:

  • When writing to SharePoint, convert your system's timezone to UTC with the DateTimeToUTC() function.
  • When reading from SharePoint, convert from UTC to your system's timezone with the DateTimeToLocal() function.

Otherwise, use another DateTime Function to perform the calculation. For additional information, see Functions.

Configure the tool

  1. Select a SharePoint Version.
  2. Type the full SharePoint URL or click the drop-down to select a saved URL.

    URLs and scheduling workflows

    When scheduling your workflow to run from Alteryx Server, the URL must be accessible outside of your Windows account. For example, WebDAV paths are not supported. See Schedule Workflows.

  4. Type your authentication credentials.
  5. Optionally select Save Connection to save the connection URL and credentials when you run the workflow. You can save up to ten connections.
  6. Select a List. The contents are specific to the URL you specify. If your URL contains a directory, only lists for that directory are shown.
  7. Select a View. The available views are determined by the list you select.
  8. List view threshold error

    "The attempted operation is prohibited because it exceeds the list view threshold enforced by the administrator" is a SharePoint error. Remove any sorts or filters from your SharePoint list view, then process the unfiltered, unsorted data in Designer.

  9. The Refresh button clears cached data to update the available lists and views. Lists and views are refreshed when you refresh the workflow by pressing F5.
  10. Optionally specify a Record Limit. To read in all records, leave this field blank.