Behavior Analysis

The Behavior Analysis category includes tools that offer the ability to extract data using the Solocast Engine within Alteryx. Use the Summarize and Browse tools to leverage the information generated from the Behavior Analysis tools.

Behavior Metainfo Tool: The Behavior MetaInfo tool returns pertinent information about installed Behavior Analysis datasets.

Cluster Code Tool: The Cluster Code tool appends a Cluster Code field to a stream of records using a Cluster Level ID, such as a Block Group Key.

Compare Behavior Tool: The Compare Behavior tool analyses two profile sets, comparing one against the other.

Create Profile Tool: The Create Profile tool takes an incoming data stream and constructs a behavior profile from its contents. A profile can be built via different modes including: Spatial Object, Known Geography Key, Combine Profiles, Cluster Code, and Cluster Level ID.

Detail Fields Tool: The Detail Fields tool returns detailed field information at the Cluster or Group level specific to the profile.

Profile Input Tool: The Profile Input tool selects a specific type of dataset known as a Profile Set to use as an input in a workflow.

Profile Output Tool: The Profile Output tool takes an incoming data stream containing a profile or collection of profiles and writes out a Profile Set *.scd file.

Profile Rank Report Tool: The Profile Rank Report tool takes two profile inputs (a geography and a product profile) and generates a rank report.

Profile Comparison Report Tool: The Profile Comparison Report tool accepts two profile inputs and generates a comparison report.

Profile Detail Report Tool: The Profile Detail Report tool accepts a profile input and generates a detailed report.