Constants are global variables for a workflow that are defined on the Workflow tab in the Workflow Configuration window. Constants make it possible to change a value in a single location and have that change apply to the rest of the workflow.

There are three types of constants:

  1. Engine: Five Engine constants display in every workflow and an additional constant, IterationNumber, displays when the Workflow Type is Batch, Iterative, or Location Optimizer macro.
    • TempFilePath: The directory where the engine will write temporary files.
    • Version: The version number of the Alteryx Engine installed on the machine.
    • WorkflowDirectory: The directory of the current workflow. If no workflow is open, the value will be the Alteryx installation directory.
    • WorkflowFileName: The file name of the workflow, which is only available if the workflow has been saved.
    • GuiInteraction: A Boolean value indicating whether or not a workflow is being run from the GUI. When a workflow is run from the Alteryx Designer or Analytic App interface, the returned value will be True or 1. When a workflow is run from command line, the returned value is false, or 0.
    • IterationNumber: An integer that corresponds to the number of times a macro has run, starting at 0.
  2. Question: When the Workflow Type is Analytic App or Macro, many of the Interface tools display as Question constants. The name of the constant corresponds to the name of the Question tool. See Interface Tools.
  3. User: User constants can be created and edited via the Workflow Configuration window.

Use a Constant