Microsoft Azure Data Lake Store

Type of Support: Read & Write
Verified On: --
Connection Type: Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.
Driver Details:

Depending on the chosen login method, an administrator may need to configure access to Azure Data Lake and Azure Active Directory before a connection can be made using the Alteryx Azure Data Lake tools.

The Azure Data Lake Store allows you to connect to an Azure Data Lake resource and read/write data. These tools authenticate against an Azure Active Directory endpoint.

Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 is not yet supported.

Alteryx tools used to connect

Additional Details

  • If in a state without access (read/write) to a certain folder created by another account, this is due to permissions.
  • If you encounter an error that states the token may have been revoked, you must log out/back in to the configuration panel to reauthenticate.
Token lifetime properties are configurable by the System Administrator.

Known Limitations

Avro byte Field Type

Avro files with fields of type bytes are not supported and will fail upon import.

Output: Alteryx float Field to Avro Type Conversion

Alteryx workflow float field values are converted to double in the destination Avro file.

Multiple Connectors with Different Azure Active Directory User Accounts

The Microsoft Azure Data Lake, OneDrive, and Dynamics CRM connectors support authentication via Microsoft user credentials such as email and password. In interactive workflows, it is not currently possible to authenticate with different Microsoft user accounts across these connectors. This limitation does not impact scheduled workflows. In the case that you are authenticated with a Microsoft user account in one of these connectors and try to authenticate to another connector with a different Microsoft user account, you will see an error message pop-up. To resolve this issue, follow on of these recommendations:

  • The Azure Active Directory Administrator can grant the necessary permissions to one user account and ensure the user building the workflow has one user account that has access to the services needed in that workflow.
  • Log out of any connectors that are authenticated to a different Microsoft user account before trying to log in.
  • Avoid using end user authentication when possible. Use service-to-service authentication in the Azure Data Lake connectors and Application login authentication in the Dynamics CRM connectors.

Access Permissions

The Azure Data Lake Explorer must grant permissions to read and write data within an Azure Data Lake Store account. For more information about how these permissions are assigned and applied, please visit the official Microsoft documentation.