Type of Support Read & Write
Validated On Simba Cassandra Driver: 2.5
Connection Type ODBC (32- and 64-bit)
Driver Details The ODBC driver can be downloaded here.

Alteryx tools used to connect

Additional Details

Case Sensitivity

  • In order to fully support the reading and writing of camel case keyspaces, tables, and columns, the user must have the Simba driver option “Enable Case Sensitive” selected and set the Alteryx “Table/Fieldname SQL style” to “quoted”.


Creating Tables

  • The user must specify primary keys to create Cassandra tables.
  • Alteryx does not support creation of clustering keys - all keys selected will be treated as a partition key: PRIMARY KEY((key1,key2)).
  • The user must specify the keyspace along with the table name when using the output tool. (Ex: keyspace.tablename)


Datetime/Timestamp Notes

  • The Simba Cassandra driver converts all datetime/timestamp data into GMT, therefore any DateTime data written from Alteryx to Cassandra will be converted to GMT. Any data already in Cassandra will be read by Alteryx and translated to GMT and the user can then convert to known time zone.
  • Alteryx Date, DateTime gets imported to Cassandra as a Timestamp.
  • Alteryx Time gets imported to Cassandra as a varchar.
  • There is a driver enforced limit that restricts dates to valid dates in the Gregorian calendar, which means valid year range is 1601 to 9999.

Known Issues

  • Map, List, and Set data types are not supported.
  • The Primary Key is not indicated in Active Query Builder when importing tables from Cassandra