Hadoop Distributed File System

Type of Support: Read & Write
Validated On: 2.5.0
Driver Details: Formatted as .csv, .avro

Alteryx tools used to connect

Additional Details

Kerberos Authentication

Kerberos support for reading and writing to HDFS is available via the Input Data, Output Data, Connect In-DB, and Data Stream In tools. There are three Kerberos options in the HDFS Connection window. The option you choose depends on how your IT admin configured the HDFS server:

  • None: No authentication is used.
  • Kerberos MIT: Alteryx will use the default MIT ticket to authenticate with the server. You must first acquire a valid ticket using the MIT Kerberos Ticket Manager.
  • Kerberos SSPI: Alteryx will use Windows Kerberos keys for authentication, which are obtained when logging in to Windows with your Windows credentials. The User Name and Password fields are therefore not available.