File Browse Tool

The File Browse tool displays a file browse control in an app. This tool can be used to read an input or write an output. The value of the file path specified by the user is passed to downstream tools.

Configure the tool

  1. Enter the text or question to be displayed: Type text to instruct app users how to use the File Browse control.
  2. Save As Dialog: This option is for outputting or writing a file.

    Gallery support

    This option is not supported in the Gallery.

  3. Select the file formats the app user can select from when browsing.
    • Standard Database File Formats: All supported file formats are accepted.

      Select Spatial Formats Only if processing requires a spatial object or if the output is restricted to spatial file types.

      Select Generate Field Map for Input Data Tool if the app updates fields in an Input Data tool and the workflow is dependent on those fields for processing. Connect the tool to an Input Data tool with a template file containing names and data types. The fields within the app are labeled with the column names and data types from the input template file. The app user then maps the columns from their file to the app fields.

      Name a column in the template file so it ends with (Optional) to create an optional field in the app.

    • Report Formats: Select this if updating a Render Tool.
    • Arbitrary File Specification: Specify any set of file formats, including files, images, spatial objects, or others. Type a file description as plain text, followed by a pipe character and file extension.
      Comma-Delineated Text Files (*.csv)|*.csv|dBase (*.dbf)|*.dbf|All Files (*.*)|*.*