Generate Rows Tool

The Generate Rows tool creates new rows of data at the record level. Use this tool to create a sequence of numbers, transactions, or dates.

The Generate Rows tool follows a process to generate rows of data. That process consists of an initial expression (applied to record 1), then a loop expression is applied (such as an increment) that will build subsequent rows, based on a condition (true or false) that will ultimately build rows until the condition is false, when it will terminate the loop.

Connect an input

An input connection to this tool is optional.

Configure the tool

  1. Choose to update an existing field or create a new field.
    • Update Existing Fields: Assesses the rows coming in and adds new records accordingly. One example would be if your input contains a start and an end value and you would like to generate a row for each value in between.
    • Create New Field: The tool will be configured as an input. If this method is chosen, specify the new Field Name and appropriate Type and Size.
  2. Specify the Initialization Expression to start the creation of rows. You can enter a value, create an expression, or click to open the Expression Editor.
  3. [Low Range]
  4. Specify the Condition Expression, where the condition is either true or false. If the condition is true, additional rows will be generated until the condition equals false. Click to open the Expression Editor.
  6. Specify the Loop Expression (Usually Increment). This is typically expressed as an increment that generates subsequent rows until the false condition is met. Click to open the Expression Editor.
  7. LOWRANGE + 1

Configure the Condition Expression so row generation ends to preserve hard drive space.