Street Geocoder Tool

Geocoding associates geographic coordinates with input addresses, letting you pinpoint locations and carry out geography-based analyses. The Street Geocoder tool places a point object based on address interpolation by converting a multi-line address into a normalized form, with latitude and longitude, spatial object, and additional fields specific to the coding process. The full list of available fields is listed below.

The Street Geocoder tool requires a separate installation located on the Core Data Bundle installation Disk.

CASS certification

Even though the Street Geocoder tool performs a type of address standardization, the results are not CASS certified. If you require CASS certification, consider licensing the CASS Tool, or use the Geocoder Suite US, a macro CASS certifies and Geocodes a number of different ways to ensure the best possible match.

Configure the tool

  • Select A Geocoder: Select a geocoder. All supported geocoders are selectable from this list.
  • Input Field Names: Select the appropriate field from your file for the following inputs:
    • Address: First line address typically contains the number and street.
    • City or Last Line: Last Line is used if you have a field that combines City, State and ZIP Code fields all in one field
    • State or Province: State or Province of the address.
    • Post Code: the ZIP Code or Postal Code field.

    The Input Field Names are optional, but any missing fields or missing data within those fields have a negative impact on the score of the geocode.

  • When there is a multiple match: Specify how the geocoder should handle multiple matches. This setting only applies to geocoders that support multiple matches.
  • Prompt to select: Each time a Multiple Match is found, a dialog box provides options to handle the matches.
    • First to all: Returns the first match with the highest Score for all matches found.
    • None to all: Returns no selection for all matches found.
    • OK: Select the appropriate match and click OK to accept. The selection registers for each match found.
    • Cancel: Cancels the Geocoding process.
  • Return [None]: No match is returned. Reference the Match Status field which indicates whether a failed record has a multiple match.
  • Return 1st Candidate: The first match with the highest Score is returned.
  • Return All Candidates: All matches are returned. In the case of multiple matches, a record for each match is returned. Therefore the number of records inputted into the Geocoder may be a different number than the amount of records coming out of the Geocoder. Reference the Match Status field which will indicate whether a matched record had a multiple match.

View the output

Check the boxes next to the appropriate fields to append to the geocoded data table. Options on the right allow to Select All, Select Defaults, or to Clear All.

The output variables available depend on the geocoder product being used. Third party geocoders will output similar variables.