Reading XML

Designer can read and parse XML through either the Input Data Tool or the XML Parse Tool. These examples focus on the Input Data tool configuration options.

All descriptions reference the example below.

Default settings

The Input Data tool uses these default XML settings:

Configuration option Setting
Return Root Element Deselected
XML Child Element Name Unspecified
Return Child Values Selected
Return Outer XML Deselected

These settings applied to the example XML input generate the following results:

item id type name ppu batters topping
  01 Donut Cake 0.60    
  02 Donut Raised 0.65    
  03 Donut Buttermilk 0.50   [Null]

These results:

  • do not contain the root element.
  • contain the child elements of the root element.
  • contain the grandchild elements of the root element.
  • do not contain the child elements of a specified element.
  • do not contain tag formatting.

The remaining sections detail the impact on returned results when changing configuration selections from the default options.