Manage Groups on Your Site

Last modified: October 14, 2020

Add Groups

Platform admins and site admins can create groups. To create a new group on your site, go to User Management Groups + Add Group. Enter a group name and group description. If you want the group to be visible only on your site, check the Private Group checkbox. To add a group that another admin created, find the group in the groups table and select + Add in the On Site column.

Group Roles

Users can have both group roles and individual roles. They must have at least one role from either a group or individually to sign in to your site. If a user has both individual roles and group roles, their permissions are a sum of all their permissions. 

For example, if UserX has an individual role of contributor and a group role of consumer, then UserX has all the permissions of consumer and contributor on the site. To see a user’s total permissions, go to Admin > User ManagementUsers. Select a user to see the user’s detail page. The Permissions table displays their total permissions in the top row. 

Screenshot showing total permissions table for a group on a site

Manage Existing Groups

To manage group details such as name, description, permissions, and users, go to User Management Groups

  • Name- Group names can have numbers and spaces, but no special characters.
  • Description- Describe the purpose or makeup of the group.
  • Directory- Indicates whether the group is local to the platform or synced with a directory.
  • Owner- Owner is the site that owns the group.
  • Permissions- Assign a group role to automatically add all members of a group to your site. 
  • Users- In the users table, check the box next to one or more members to remove from the group. Also, select a member name to go to their details page.

Delete groups with caution. Because a group can be on more than one site, deleting a group affects site, file, and data connection access for group members across all sites. To delete a group, go to User Management Groups. Select the group you want to delete and go to the vertical ellipsis > Delete


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