Manage Settings from the Command Line

Last modified: October 14, 2020

Another way to manage settings is with the ayxhub.ps1 script. To find the script, open Windows PowerShell and execute cd C:\INSTALL_LOCATION\Alteryx\Alteryx Analytics Hub\ayxhub.ps1 

Some of the Available Commands


List the current configuration. Shows changes that are pending since the latest Alteryx Analytics Hub restart.


Specify the localhost port on which the application listens.

-https generate-selfsigned [location] [hostname]

Generate self-signed certificate in a specified or default location issued to the specified hostname or localhost if hostname is not defined.

-https enable <cert-file> <key-file>

Enable https by specifying the certificate and key locations.

-https disable

Disables https.

-db postgres <username> <password>

Set the credentials used to connect to the database.

-jwt_secret generate

Generate a new JWT secret. This ends all existing user sessions.


Start Alteryx Analytics Hub.


Stops Analytics Hub frontend, backend, and engine worker services gracefully. It does not stop the licensing or Postgres services. 

-stop force

Stop Alteryx Analytics Hub immediately.


Restart Alteryx Analytics Hub [stops gracefully].

-pending remove

Remove any pending changes and revert back to previous configuration.


Screenshot showing ayxhub.ps1 list of commands

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