Manage Sites on the Platform

Last modified: October 14, 2020

Alteryx Analytics Hub sites are separate and secure areas to store, share, and work with files, and collaborate with other users. Only users and groups can be shared between sites. As platform admin, you can only access sites that you are a member of. Site admins manage users and content on sites. 

As a platform admin, you create sites and site admins. 
To create a site, 

  1. go to Platform Admin > Sites > + Add Site
  2. Enter a site name and description. Underscores aren’t supported in site names.
  3. Select Add. You’ll be taken to the site details page. 
  4. To add a site admin, select + Add Site Admin
  5. Select a current user or select + Create New User from the drop-down list. If you have SMTP configured, AAH sends a notification to site admins when you add them. Site admins can also create site admins on their sites. 

To see and edit site details, go to Platform Admin > Sites. Select a site to edit from the table. On the site details page, you can edit name and description, see license info, and see a list of site admins.

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