Last modified: October 14, 2020

Search is a powerful feature in Alteryx Analytics Hub. To search workflows, analytic apps, the data catalog and more, use the global search bar at the top of any page on a site. You can search by file name, alternative name, description, or file extension. Search is permissions aware meaning you only see results for files you have access to. 

Quick search shows results as you type. Enter at least three characters and get up to the top ten results or select a category to filter first. Quick filter options are Workflows3rd-Party ReportingData Catalog, and Modified Today. Select Advanced Search to see more filter options. 

Screenshot showing search quick filters

On the Advanced Search page, use faceted search to narrow results. Filters only display when they are applicable to the results of your search. Select additional filters from the More drop-down menu.

Screenshot showing the More drop-down menu for advanced filter options

Use the Sort and View icons to easily change your view.

Screenshot showing Sort filter Screenshot showing View icon and view options


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