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Last modified: December 09, 2020

As a Site Admin, you can view and manage all the users, groups, and roles on a site. To access the User Management page, sign into your Alteryx Analytics Hub site and go to Admin > User Management

Add Users

You can add users one at a time or in groups. There are 2 options for adding a single user: 

  • Option 1: If the user you want to add is already a user on the platform, find them in the Users table on the Users page. Select + Add or a user role in the user role drop-down menu. 
  • Option 2: Select + Add User and enter details for the user. 

Remove Users

Local Users

To remove a user from your site, go to Admin > User Management > Users. Find the user you want to remove and select the vertical ellipsis icon > Delete User.

Directory Users

Manage directory users from the synced directory.

License Users

Both platform admins and site admins manage user licenses. 

Assign User Licenses

Assign a license at the time you add the user to the site, or anytime on the Users page. Go to Admin > User Management > Users and select one or more users, then select Manage Licenses > Add License.

Remove User Licenses

To remove user licenses, go to Admin > User Management > Users. Check the box next to one or more users then Manage Licenses > Remove Licenses.

Understand User Roles

Users can have a platform role (Platform Admin), a site role (individual role on a site), or a group role (role inherited from a group). Platform admins can assign the platform admin role. Site admins can assign group and individual site roles. Non-admins can’t change or assign roles. A user must have a role to sign in to the platform or a site. If a user has both individual roles and group roles, their permissions are a sum of all their permissions. For example, if UserX has an individual role of contributor and a group role of consumer, then UserX has all the permissions of consumer and contributor on the site.

To see details about roles and permissions in the application, sign in as an admin and go to User Management > Roles.

There are 4 default roles available to assign to a user or group:

  • Consumer – Consumers can view, share, and download files on the site, as permissions allow. They can run workflows that have been shared with them, but cannot run them on a recurring schedule. They can use data sources and connections that have been shared with them but can’t create or manage them.
  • Contributor – Contributors view, share, download, create, edit, and delete files on the site. They can run and create recurring schedules on workflows that have been shared with them. They can create, manage and share data sources, connections, and credentials, as permissions allow. They can’t perform site administration tasks. 
  • Data Steward – Like a Contributor, Data Stewards can create, manage and share data sources, connections, and credentials, as permissions allow. They can also load metadata, associate data sources, view all and change ownership of object in the Data Connection Manager.
  • Site Admin – Site Admins are responsible for managing users, groups, and roles on their site. As part of these responsibilities, they can add users to their site, assign them roles and groups, and create groups. They can also manage files, data sources, connections and credentials, as required. Site admins have access to all content and user actions on the site regardless of permissions that have been directly granted to them. Both site admins and platform admins can create site admins.

Platform admin isn’t listed because only platform admins can assign the role of platform admin. Platform Admins are responsible for setting up the platform and managing licenses. As part of these responsibilities, they can change platform settings, manage users and user directories, create and delete sites, and manage license keys. By default, Platform Admins do not have access to the sites they create. They also do not have permissions to see content in those sites. Platform Admins can add themself as a Site Admin on a given site. A Site Admin can add Platform Admins to a site as a user on that site. Platform Admins do not consume a license until they have been added to a site.

Manage User Roles

To view and edit a user’s role, go to Admin > User Management > Users

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