Last modified: September 01, 2020

In the People catalog, Connect provides Folder and Group metadata.

Use the icons at the top of the table to perform a Search, Excel export Excel export, or Bulk operations Bulk operation, such as transitioning a relationship, moving a listing, copying listings to a workbook, or deleting entries.

For more information how to create an asset, see Create Assets


Under the folders, the group membership is defined in the folder called Groups


A list of groups that the user has membership in. The Name and Excerpt description are visible.


The links between different assets, such as terms contained within a report. Select a related asset to open that asset. Select Open Nexus button to Open nexus, a navigable map that shows a web of connections between assets.

Mentioned In

A list of assets that mention the user. The Name, Description, Relationship, and Rating are all visible.


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