Last modified: June 03, 2020

The server can send email notifications for various events such as registering a Gallery account, changing a password, or sharing a workflow. Manage email notification types, message text, and email groups, on the Notifications page.

To enable email notifications, enter the SMTP server information in System Settings on the Gallery > SMTP screen. See Gallery.

To go to the page, select Notifications on the navigation bar.

Edit System Message

You can edit the system message that appears in the Gallery. You might use this message to notify users of changes or system downtime. The message appears in a banner at the top of the Gallery browser window and can be closed by selecting OK.

To edit the system message: On the Notifications pages, in System Message, type a message.

Edit Emails

Emails contain default messages that you can edit. The email subject line and body contain content variables that auto-insert text based on your profile. The variable type can be edited, but not the auto-inserted text.

  1. On the Notifications page, select an email in the list.
  2. To enable the email, in Email Status, select Enabled.
  3. In Send email as, select one of the following:
    • HTML: Use to include images and formatting.
    • Plain Text: Use for plain text messages without formatting or images.
  4. In Subject, type edit the default subject of the email.
  5. (Optional) To change the content variable, double-click the highlighted [Studio Owner Name], and select Placeholder Name.
    1. Select Studio Owner URLGallery URL, or Studio Owner Name.
    2. Select OK.
  6. In Body, type the message.
  7. (Optional) Change the content variable, if desired.

8. Select Group to select an email group.

Manage groups on the Notifications page.

9. Select Save.


  • Workflow added to collection
  • Workflow updated in collection
  • Collection shared with user
  • Membership granted
  • Artisanship granted
  • Workflow shared
  • Curator created a new license user account
  • Curator created a new user account
  • License created
  • Membership expired
  • Membership revoked
  • Validation email
  • Password changed
  • Password reset
  • Pending user workflow added to collection
  • Pending user collection updated
  • Pending user invited to a collection
  • Pending user granted membership
  • Pending user granted artisanship
  • Non-user invited to create a new account
  • Workflow shared link
  • License Created Notification
  • Curator created a new active user account
  • Collection Sharing Granted
  • Collection Sharing Revoked
  • Collection cleanup error
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