Server Usage Report

Last modified: June 03, 2020

The Alteryx Server Usage Report contains information on Server user access, content, schedules, and job analysis presented in a set of Tableau dashboards, or PDF and Excel files. See the Alteryx Downloads and Licenses portal to download and use the Alteryx Server Usage Report.

Run the Report

  1. In the Configuration window for the Alteryx Server Usage Report macro, select the type of output for viewing the results.
    • Tableau workbook: Creates a workbook and a set of dashboards with user access, content, schedules, and job analysis information.
      • Save the Tableau workbook
      1. In the Configuration window for the Output macro, click the Save Tableau Workbook tab.
      2. Select the Save resulting Tableau workbook to a specific location check box.
      3. Type a location and file name.
    • PDF: Creates the Summary.pdf, AppExecutions.xlsx, and SessionActivity.xlsx files with information for the number of days specified.
  2. Type the Database HostUsername, and Password found in System Settings on the Controller > Persistence page.
  3. Select Advanced Options to change the Alteryx Gallery and Alteryx Service database names from the default AlteryxGallery and AlteryxService.
  4. Click the Run Workflow icon.
  5. In the Results window, click the link to the output files.
    • For a Tableau workbook, click the link to the Workbook.twb file.
    • For a PDF, click the links to the SessionActivity.xlsx, Summary.pdf, and AppExecutions.xlsx files.

Schedule the Report

  1. Configure the Alteryx Server Usage Report and Output macros. See the steps for running the report above.
  2. Save the workflow.
  3. Click Options > Schedule Workflow.
  4. Click Controller and select: Local Machine, existing controller, or Connect to Controller.
  5. Select Run the workflow from its original location on disk.
  6. Select the frequency and complete the schedule options.
  7. Click OK.
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