What's New in Server 2020.2

Last modified: February 01, 2021

Version: 2020.2.2.27029

Release Date: June 3, 2020

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New Functionality to Share Schedules and Results in Collections

Users can now share their schedules and job results with other users in the same Collection. This allows users to ensure schedules continue to be managed when schedule owners are unavailable. It also provides the necessary visibility to reduce resource consumption for a given workflow by allowing users to share results. Learn how to share schedules with other Collection users in the Collections article.

New Gallery Configuration Page in Admin

The new Gallery Configuration page in Admin consolidates Gallery-level settings in one place. Access the Gallery Configuration page via the Configuration link in the Admin interface. Learn more in the Gallery Configuration article.

New Alteryx Multithreaded Processing (AMP) Engine Support

The new Alteryx Multithreaded Processing (AMP) Engine (also known in Server as e2) is available for experimental use on Server. The AMP engine supports multithreading and multicore processing resulting in increased speed of workflow execution. Server is allowing experimental (not for production) access to allow users to explore the execution and results of AMP-enabled workflows. For more info on enabling the AMP engine see the Controller article.

Ability to Pass Credentials with Workflow via the Gallery API

The new Gallery User V2 API exposes a way to pass workflow credentials. This allows users to start a workflow using a specific credential to which they have access. Learn more about including credentials as part of a workflow job in Credentials and the Gallery User API docs.

API Access Updates

Previously, you could grant API access at a subscription level or for Curators only. The new user-level API access permission gives users a general API access key that they can use to access all APIs. (Gallery Subscription API access still needs to be granted on the subscription.) Learn more in the API access section of the Administer Users article.

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