Schedules: Time Zone Support

Last modified: November 11, 2020

A curator (Gallery admin) has to enable the user permission to schedule jobs before you can begin scheduling workflows. Curators can learn how to enable scheduled workflows for users in the Jobs (Schedules): Admin Interface article. Once a curator has enabled the user permission for you to schedule jobs, the link to the Schedules page appears on your Gallery toolbar.

All schedule frequencies have an option to select the time zone for which it is run. If your schedule is set for a time zone that observes daylight saving time, the schedule will adjust accordingly.

All Schedule frequencies have an option to select the time zone for which it is run. 

Schedules display on the Schedules page in your user-preferred time zone, regardless of the scheduled time zone.

An alert displays next to jobs that do not have an associated time zone. These schedules were created prior to version 2019.3 or were migrated from Desktop Automation. Select Update to update to your current time zone or Dismiss to leave as originally scheduled. 

Set Your Gallery Time Zone

Set your preferred time zone in your Gallery profile. Select your Username > My Profile > Profile.

When you return to the Schedules page after changing your preferred time zone, the schedules will show in your new time zone. Changing your time zone will not affect when schedules run.

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