Jobs Page Overview

Last modified: November 30, 2020

On the Jobs page, you can enable workflow scheduling in Gallery; this allows users with scheduling permission to schedule workflows to the Gallery while working in Designer or Gallery. You can also view the status of all jobs running in Gallery and manage schedules. The Jobs page does not display jobs running in Designer.

To manage jobs (schedules), go to the Jobs page of the Gallery Admin interface

The Jobs page contains 3 tabs:

  • Status: Displays all jobs that are currently running or queued in your Gallery. Jobs include workflow runs that were scheduled or manually run. Jobs can be run one at a time or simultaneously based on the configuration of your Server. See Worker to learn more about these configuration options.
  • Scheduled Workflows: Displays all schedules set up for Gallery workflows. Edit, disable, or delete schedules on this tab.
  • Migrate: Displays schedules saved to a controller. From here, you can select schedules to migrate from the controller to the Gallery and assign a Gallery user to own each schedule.
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