What's New in Server 2021.1

Last modified: February 10, 2021

Version: 2021.1.2.20534

Release Date: February 10, 2021

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Schedule Forecast

The schedule forecast offers the ability to see all schedules in a forward-looking calendar view. The schedule forecast uses a heatmap that Gallery admins can use to identify upcoming bottlenecks of scheduled workflows. After identifying a bottleneck in the schedule forecast, Gallery admins can take a one-off approach for avoiding bottlenecks by moving jobs to other time slots. Over time, a Gallery admin might also choose to spin up a new worker to increase the Server throughput capacity and reduce the frequency of scheduling bottlenecks. The schedule forecast is available to Curator (Gallery admins). We will consider making the schedule forecaster available to Gallery users in future releases. Learn more in the Schedule Forecast help page. 

Licensing Update for Versions 11.7 and Previous

You can't upgrade directly from version 11.7 or older to version 2021.1. If you are using Server version 11.7 or previous and want to upgrade to 2021.1, you have to first upgrade to version 2020.4 or previous. Then you can upgrade to 2021.1.

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