Last modified: May 17, 2021

A connection is a set of all the information needed to successfully connect to a database. It is a combination of a data source and a credential. Workflows contain a virtual reference that points to the connection held within the Analytics Hub. 

Diagram showing the makeup of a Connection

A connection links two components that are managed independently:

  • Data Source—where the data is located. This usually means information like hostname and port and other optional parameters. A data source always has an owner. Data sources are also the primary input for metadata loaders. There can be multiple connections created out of a data source, but each connection can have at most one credential assigned to it.
  • Credential—the information used to authenticate against the data source. This is usually a combination of a username and a password. 

Connections are bound to the data source. You create a new connection along with adding a new data source. For an existing data source, you can add new, or edit and share connections by choosing a data source on the Data Sources page.

Private and Shareable Connections

Connections can be either Private or Shareable. By design, a Private connection can’t be shared. The Private or Shareable state of a connection is defined by the Credential that is a part of the Connection. To make a connection shareable, go to Credentials. Select the credential you want to allow to be shared, and select the option Allowed in shared connections.

Even though you pass credentials with a shared connection, the person you’re sharing with can’t see the password in the credential or change the credential in any way. No credential object shows up in the credentials list of the person you’re sharing with.

Share a Connection 

When you share a connection with a user, you are automatically sharing its data source information. Sharing a connection causes a data source to appear in the data source list of the user with whom you're sharing.

  1. To share a connection with someone who already has access to the data source, go to the data source you want to share in Data Sources.
  2. Find the connection you want to share in the Connections table, and select the vertical ellipsis icon > Share.
    Screenshot showing Share connection from connections table
  3. Select the person you want to share a connection with and select Share connection.
  4. Choose the Connection you want to share and select Share. If the connection you want to share appears dimmed, you have to edit the Connection and turn on Allowed in shared connections.

Share a Data Source without a Connection

You can share a Data Source without specifying a Connection. If you choose this path, the users you share the Data Source with will need to create their own Connection and associate it with the Data Source.

Change a Data Source or Connection 

Easily change a data source or connection. Go to the details page of a Workflow.

  1. Select Run > Advanced Settings.
  2. Select the arrows icon.
    Screenshot showing Run dialog Advanced Settings
  3. Select a new Data Source or Connection.
  4. Select Change.
    Screenshot showing Change Data Source or Connection modal
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