Last modified: May 17, 2021

The Credentials page shows you all of the credentials you have access to. You can add, edit, and remove credentials as permissions allow. Site Admins and Data Stewards can change ownership of credentials. To add a credential, go to Credentials > + Add

Screenshot of Credentials page

When adding a credential, you can choose from 3 types of Authentication Methods:

  • Username and Password
  • Embedded
  • Windows Authentication

Screenshot of Authentication Methods

Run As Identity

Run As Identities allow you to run a workflow as a Windows user other than the default service account. Run As Identities are created from existing credentials on the platform. You can share Run As Identities that you own for others to use in their workflow executions.

To add a new Run As Identity, go to Credentials > Run As Identity > + Add > New Run As Identity. Enter a Name and select the Credentials to associate. Only Credentials that you own or have the Allowed in shared connections setting turned on show up in the list.

Screenshot of Add New Run As Identity     Screenshot of Allowed in Shared Connections checkbox


To use a Run As Identity to run a workflow, open a workflow details page. Select Run > Advanced Settings > Run As

Screenshot of Run As dropdown on Run modal

Credential Syncing

Sync credentials created in Designer or Hub.​ To sync your credentials, open Designer and go to File > Manage Credentials > Synchronization > Analytics Hub.

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