Platform User Management

Last modified: May 17, 2021

As an Alteryx Analytics Hub (AAH) Platform Admin, you manage users at the platform level. You can add users, directories, sites, site admins, and view details of a user and system roles.

Add Local Users

Before adding users, set up SMTP to send users their welcome email that contains a sign-up link. Otherwise, see Activate a User without SMTP.

To add a single user or a Platform Admin, go to Admin > User Management > Users > + Add User. Enter the user’s details. You don’t need to assign a license to a platform admin unless they need to sign in to sites. If SMTP is set up on your site, check the option Send Verification Email to send the user an activation link. 

Screenshot of Users page

Activate a User without SMTP

  1. Go to User Management > Users.
  2. Select a user to go to the user’s details page.
  3. Select Get Activation Link.
  4. Sign out.
  5. Paste the link into a supported browser.
  6. Set a password for the new user.

Add Users from a Directory

Configure Windows AD or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) on the Directories page. You can sync one directory at a time. To see your synced directory users, go to Platform Admin > User Management > Users. You can filter to see only directory users with the Directory column filter.

To configure a directory:

  1. Go to Platform Admin > Settings > Directories > + Add Directory
  2. Select Directory Type, then Windows AD or Open LDAP from the drop-down menu. Some fields display default settings after directory type selection.
  3. Enter a name for the directory. The name must be at least 3 characters long.
  4. Enter the Protocol and Hostname of the server running LDAP.
  5. Enter the Port number of the LDAP server.
  6. Toggle on the Start TLS option. If you’re using the normal LDAP protocol then toggle this option on to encrypt the transfer over the wire. However, if you are using LDAPS, this option does nothing as the protocol is already secure.
  7. Enter a number for how often to sync with the directory (hours).
  8. Enter the Base DN. The Base DN is the point where the server will search for users.
  9. Enter the Bind User. For Active Directory, enter the username (for example, Luke Skywalker). For LDAP servers, enter the distinguished name (DN) of the user that you want to use to connect (for example, "cn=lskywalker, dc=example, dc=lan").
  10. Enter the Bind Password for the admin user of the LDAP server. 
  11. (Optional) Enter Advanced Settings for User Schema, Group Schema, andMembership Schema.
  12. Select Test. 
  13. Select Save.
  14. Select Sync.

Advanced Settings


The User Object Filter and Group Object Filter configurations allow you to limit the users that are imported and synced on Analytics Hub to only those that might require access to the system. Limiting the users on the system can improve performance and ease of administration. 
Default queries are provided in these fields to import and sync all users and groups within the Base DN based on default object categories and classes in AD or OpenLDAP. 

Filter examples: 

  • Users with email domain of &(objectclass=person)(objectclass=top)(objectclass=user)(objectclass=organizationalPerson)(mail=* 

  • Groups with name starting with GRP: &(objectclass=top)(objectclass=group)(cn=GRP*) 

  • Groups with description that contains Analytics: &(objectclass=top)(objectclass=group)(description=*Analytics*) 

  • Groups with name starting with GRP or Alteryx: (&(objectclass=top)(objectclass=group)(|(cn=GRP*)(cn=Alteryx*)) 

AD or LDAP attributes vary based on implementation.  Work with a LDAP administrator to determine appropriate filters for your organization. Learn more about AD query syntax in this Microsoft TechNet article.

Remove Users

Local Users—To remove a user from the platform, go to Platform Admin > User Management > Users. Check the box next to the user or users you want to delete and select Delete Users.

Directory Users—Manage directory users from the synced directory.

License Users

Both platform admins and site admins manage user licenses. 

There are 2 types of user licenses:

  • Analytics Hub User—this license provides access and usage of the Licensee's Alteryx Analytics Hub for a designated user. The designated user can log in to Analytics Hub, but can't connect Designer.
  • Analytics Hub Designer User—this license provides access and usage of the Licensee's Alteryx Analytics Hub for an Alteryx Designer user. Designer users can connect Designer to AAH for easy upload and download of workflows, sharing connections, and more.

Assign a license at the time you add the user to the platform, or anytime on the Users page. Go to Platform Admin > User Management > Users and select one or more users, then select Manage Licenses. Or assign a license in the Licensed column of the Users table. 

Screenshot of License Column in Users Table

Remove User Licenses

To remove user licenses, go to Platform Admin > User Management > Users. Select one or more users then Manage Licenses > Remove.

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