What's New in Connect 2021.2

Last modified: May 17, 2021

Version: 2021.2

Release Date: May 17, 2021

See the complete Connect 2021.2 Release Notes

The 2021.2 release brings the following features:  

Default Folders Presence Verification by Using Health Checks

The Health Checks section in Admin Menu > Maintenance has been expanded with additional options for checking the consistency of the database. Now it is also checking for the presence of all required integration codes and whether all default folders (Analytic Workflows, Reports, Data Sources, Glossary, People, and Virtual Folders) are present. In case you deleted any of these folders, select Fix Issues to recreate the folders. For more information, go to the Maintenance help page.

Switch for Checking Stealing Session ID

We’ve added a new switch for checking session ID usage. To ensure the session ID is used only for one IP address or browser, check the IP address box under Admin Menu > Security. Go to the Security help page for more information.

Notification Queue Timer

Now you can specify the period for notification sending in minutes by using the new Notification Timer. Enter the value in Admin Menu > Maintenance > Notification Queue. Go to the Maintenance help page for more information.

Prevent Creating Versions for Already Loaded Content

Now you can determine whether a new version for already loaded content should be created or not. To prevent creating unnecessary versions for already loaded content and improve performance at the same time, check the Do not create a version for loaded content box under Admin Menu > Performance. Only new and changed content will be loaded. Go to the Performance help page for more information.

Additional Enhancements

  • The Tomcat version used by Connect was updated to 9.0.43. 
  • As an admin, you can now use a picker to select from Default Internal Groups when creating a new Active Directory option in Admin Menu > Settings > Single Sign-On.

Metadata Loaders

Alteryx Gallery Loader Performance Improvement

Performance for the Alteryx Gallery loader in the section API calls parsing has been improved due to issues while parsing more than 30.000 records. 

Microsoft Authentication Enhanced 

The Microsoft authentication has been enhanced to reflect the changes done by Microsoft for the authentication endpoints. This applies to the following loaders: Power BI loader, Azure Data Catalog loader, Azure Data Lake Store Gen1, and Azure Data Lake Store Gen2 loader.

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