Share Schedules and Results to Collections

Last modified: July 14, 2023

To increase visibility, collection members with necessary permissions can share their schedules and job results of those schedules with a collection and its users.

For each collection you are a member of, you must have the Add Assets permission to add schedules. If you don't see the Add Schedules button in the collection, review your collection permissions on the Users tab of the collection. If you don't have the Add Assets permission, contact your Gallery administrator or a Collections user that has admin permissions.


Note: Curators (Gallery admins) who have been added to the collection always have access to add assets to collections.

To share a schedule follow these steps.

  1. Select a collection.
  2. Go to the Schedules tab.
  3. Select Add Schedule
  4. Search for the schedule you want to share and select it.
  5. Select Add.

The schedule displays in the schedule list. 

Different Scenarios When Sharing a Workflow

You might encounter different scenarios when you share and run a workflow. These are based on the following: 

  • Whether or not you are the owner of the workflow;
  • Whether or not the workflow is in a collection;
  • Whether the owner is in the same studio as the user with whom the workflow is shared.
  1. If a user manually runs a workflow, they are the only user who can see the workflow results in all scenarios regardless of workflow ownership. These results appear in the Workflow Results page.  
  2. If a user shares a workflow and a schedule for that workflow in a collection, all members of the collection can view the workflow results from the scheduled runs. 
    Additionally, a user can create a schedule for a workflow shared with them via a collection. However, if the user does not share that schedule in the collection, no other members of the collection will be able to see that particular schedule or workflow results from the runs scheduled by it, regardless of workflow ownership.
    1. Owner sees the results in Workflow Results, Schedules, and Collections pages. 

    2. Non-owner sees the results only in Collections. 

  3. If a user creates a schedule for a workflow and does not add the schedule to a collection, the schedule creator is the only user who can view the results from the scheduled runs.
    If studio schedule sharing is enabled for the studio the user is in, all other users in the studio will be able to view the schedule and the workflow results from the scheduled runs.
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