Behavior Analysis

Profile Detail Report Tool Icon

Profile Detail Report Tool

Generate a report that examines the presence of Cluster Types within a profile.
Profile Comparison Report Tool Icon

Profile Comparison Report Tool

Take two Profile inputs and generates a comparison report.
Profile Rank Report Tool Icon

Profile Rank Report Tool

Take two Profile inputs (a Geography and a Product profile) and generates a rank report.
Profile Input Tool Icon

Profile Input Tool

Select a specific type of dataset known as a Profile Set to use as an input in your workflow.
Detail Fields Tool Icon

Detail Fields Tool

Returns detailed field information at the Cluster or Group level specific to the Profile.
Create Profile Tool Icon

Create Profile Tool

Take an incoming data stream and constructs a Behavior Profile from its contents.
Profile Output Tool Icon

Profile Output Tool

Takes data stream containing a Profile or collection of Profiles and writes out a .scd file.
Compare Behavior Tool Icon

Compare Behavior Tool

Analyze two Profile sets, comparing one against the other.
Cluster Code Tool Icon

Cluster Code Tool

Append a Cluster Code field to a stream of records using a Cluster Level ID.
Behavior Metainfo Tool Icon

Behavior Metainfo Tool

Return pertinent information about installed Behavior Analysis datasets.