In/Out Tools

Input Data Tool Icon

Input Data Tool

Connect to a file or database to bring data into your workflow.
The Browse icon is a set of binoculars.

Browse Tool

The Browse tool displays data from a connected tool as well much more.
Output Data Tool Icon

Output Data Tool

Use the Output Data tool to write results of a workflow to supported file types or data sources.
Input Data Tool Icon

Input Data Tool (Classic Mode)

The Input Data tool brings data in to your workflow by connecting to a file or database.
Green file logo

XDF Output Tool

The XDF Output tool writes an Alteryx data stream to an XDF (.xdf) file.
XDF Input Tool Icon

XDF Input Tool

The XDF Input tool reads data from an XDF (.xdf) file
Text Input Tool Icon

Text Input Tool

This tool makes it possible for the user to manually type text to create small data files for input.
Map Input Tool Icon

Map Input Tool

Draw or select a desired map object to use as an input in a workflow.
Directory Tool Icon

Directory Tool

Return a listing of all the files in a specified directory as well as other pertinent information.
Date Time Now Tool Icon

Date Time Now Tool

Returns the Date and Time at the workflow runtime, and converts the value into string format.