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Last modified: September 22, 2021
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Analytics Gallery.

Driver Details

To configure a connection to Microsoft OneDrive, register a web application with Microsoft.

Type of Support

Read & Write

Validated On


Release Notes
Version Description
  • Update Code Page options.
  • Distinguish between encodings with same language (e.g., ‘Language’ -> ‘Language (specific code)’) and ordered encodings alphabetically.
  • Allow user to specify encoding for CSV files on output tool.
  • Improved data conversion handling to not throw a warning instead of an error when a field is missing a value.
  • Fix issue where default value settings were occasionally not respected.
  • Disabled production logging to prevent permissions issues for different installations/configurations of Designer and support scheduled workflow functionality.
  • Fixed issue preventing packages from being installed successfully.
  • Initial release for OneDrive Input and OneDrive Output.


Alteryx tools used to connect

OneDrive Input Tool Icon

OneDrive Input Tool

OneDrive Output Tool Icon

OneDrive Output Tool

Authentication Configuration

Before using OneDrive Input or Output tools, an application user must be created and configured with permissions to access the desired OneDrive instance.

Microsoft Application Setup

  1. Create a Microsoft Application registered with your account credentials. Follow the instructions on the OneDrive Dev Center site to register your application with Microsoft. Go to the Microsoft Application Portal and select Add an App to begin. We recommend leaving the Guided Setup option unchecked.
  2. Generate a secrete key by selecting Generate New Password. 

    Record the Application Key and the Client Secret Key in a secure location. These will both be required for entry into the configuration for the OneDrive Input and Output tools. Record the Client Secret Key immediately as it will not be presented to you at any other time.

  3. Configure the platform by selecting Add Platform -> Web. Add the standard Microsoft redirect URL:
  4. Create a user for OneDrive by following the steps on the OneDrive Sign Up page. The OneDrive Input and Output Connectors both allow for personal and business accounts. 
    Minimum Required Permissions
    Delegated Permissions: 


File Types

The only file types supported are CSV, JSON, and Avro.

JSON Input to Avro Output

JSON Input to Avro Output-when a workflow reads a JSON input file and intends to write the data back to an Avro file, the user must check the option to Force JSON string values on the input tool.

Output tool hang

The Output tool will hang at 50% while pushing the data to OneDrive but will still reach 100% once completed.

Authentication error messages

The Microsoft Azure Data Lake, OneDrive, and Dynamics CRM connectors support authentication via Microsoft user credentials (i.e., email and password). In interactive workflows, it is not currently possible to authenticate with different Microsoft user accounts across these connectors. This limitation does not impact scheduled workflows. In the case that you are authenticated with a Microsoft user account in one of these connectors and then try to authenticate in another connector with a different Microsoft user account, you will see an error message pop-up similar to the following:

To resolve this issue, follow one of these recommendations:

  • The Azure Active Directory Administrator can grant the necessary permissions to one user account. For example, the administrator can ensure a user's account can access all the services needed for their workflow.
  • Log out of any connectors that are authenticated to a different Microsoft user account before trying to log in.
  • Avoid using end user authentication when possible. Use Service-to-Service authentication in the Azure Data Lake connectors and Application login authentication in the Dynamics CRM connectors.
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