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Last modified: August 12, 2021

Alteryx Designer contains over 270 tools! With that many tools, it can be overwhelming to know which tool might be the best option to achieve your desired outcome. Also, you might not know about all of your options. The new Recommended tab in the Designer Tool Palette makes these decisions a little easier.

Gif that shows the Recommended tab in use. The user is dragging tools from the Recommended tab onto the workflow canvas.


The Recommended tab is visible by default. You can find it in the Designer Tool Palette next to the Favorites tab.

Image showing the Alteryx Designer Tool Palette with the Recommended tab selected.


If you have not added any tools to your workflow, the Recommended tab suggests tools that are typically the first tools in most workflows, like Text Input. You can drag and drop one of these tools onto your canvas to start your workflow.

Once you start building your workflow, select a tool on the canvas and Designer uses the selected tool to recommend possible downstream tools that you can add to your workflow. Select another tool on the canvas and the recommendations will update.

Note that recommendations are only available when you select a single tool on your workflow canvas. If you select multiple tools at once, no recommendations are provided.

Remove Recommended Tab

If you're an expert Designer user, you might want to remove the Recommended tab from your tool palette. To remove this tab, right-click the Recommended tab in the Tool Palette and select Unpin Recommended.

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