Gallery Overview

Last modified: January 12, 2023

Gallery is a cloud-hosted or self-hosted application for publishing, sharing, and executing workflows. In a Server deployment, users can publish Designer workflows, macros, and apps to a private Gallery hosted on your company's server infrastructure. Once published, other Gallery users can run workflows and view the results. The Gallery includes 7 components in the menu: Home, Districts, Private Studio, Insights, Collections, Schedules, and Workflow Results.


On the Home page, only public content workflows, apps, and macros are displayed. You can filter the displayed workflows and sort them by latest and most popular. Anyone with the link to the Gallery can access the content published to the homepage. Go to the Gallery Home help page to learn more about managing public content.

Screenshot showing Server Homepage.



In Districts, you find the public content grouped by tag. For more information about districts, go to the Districts page.

Screenshot of a Server page, showing the Districts section.


Private Studio

A Private Studio is automatically created for each Gallery user. When you create a workflow in Designer and publish it to the Gallery, the workflow is added to the your Private Studio. Workflows published to a Private Studio are private. You can share your workflows with other users via collections. Go to the Collections help pages to learn more.

Screenshot of a Server page, showing the Private Studio section.



An insight is an interactive dashboard built using the Insight tool. When you publish an insight to your Gallery they display on the Insights page. Go to the Insight Tool help page for more info.



Collections are customizable collaboration spaces that allow users to share assets (workflows, apps, macros, and insights) with other Gallery users. Go to the Collections: Gallery Interface help pages for more info.

Screenshot of a Server page, showing the Collections section.



Schedules allow users to schedule workflows to run on a specified date and time or a recurring basis. Go to the Schedules: Gallery Interface help pages for more info.

Screenshot of a Server page, showing the Schedules section.


Workflow Results 

An overview of all results associated with workflows you have access to.

Screenshot of a Server page, showing the Workflow Results section.

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