What's New in Server 2021.3

Last modified: August 11, 2021

Version: 2021.3.1.47945

Release Date: August 11, 2021

Go to the complete Server 2021.3 Release Notes.

Schedule Forecast Performance Improved

The Schedule Forecast performance was improved by up to 98%. We’ve added data caching capabilities to minimize the number of times calculations are performed to generate predictions as the predictions and caches are generated by the background tasks.  

Go to Gallery Settings to set the frequency in which the cache is updated. You can refresh the Schedule Forecast manually on the Schedule Forecast page. For more information, visit the Gallery Configuration and the Schedule Forecast: Admin Interface help page.

EULA and Privacy Policy Information Added

We've added links to the Alteryx End User License Agreement and Privacy Policy to the Help menu. To access all this information, select the question mark icon in the top toolbar.  

Collections Overview Updated

The Collections table view was updated in the Server UI to bring you better user experience. 

Server UI Improvements

Now you can rename workflows from the workflow details page. We've enabled workflow name customization, added a tooltip to each collection name, and increased the width of the collection name column. For more information, visit the Workflow Options in Gallery help page.

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