Last modified: February 02, 2022

On the Theme page of the Server Admin interface, brand the Server with your organization's name, logo, and colors. If you choose not to customize the Server, the default theme is used.

To update your Server theme, select Theme on the Admin toolbar. 

  1. On the Theme page, enter the server name in Server Name. This is displayed to Server users as the Server name in the Sharing menus.
  2. To change the logo from the Alteryx logo, select Upload a logo, then Choose File and select an image file. Supported file formats are JPEG and PNG. Your image must be 20KB or less. For best results, use images that are about 200x46 pixels. Images wider than 200 pixels will be resized.
  3. In Site Colors select new colors for various elements. Select the existing color to select a new color.
  4. Select Save.

Refresh the Server to see your changes.

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