Alteryx Designer and FIPS: Feature Differences

Last modified: May 23, 2022

Alteryx Designer FIPS version 2022.1 is the first release of Designer that offers a FIPS 140-2 capable option for customers that require FIPS compliance. Please note that FIPS standards are developed by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use by US government agencies and contractors. For more information about FIPS, go to the NIST FIPS FAQ page.

The general (non-FIPS) release version of Alteryx Designer is not FIPS capable. A separate release (and installer) is available under separate license terms, for our FIPS 140-2 customers.

If you've previously used Alteryx Designer, you might notice that certain Designer tools and features are either not available or offer limited functionality with the Alteryx Designer FIPS 2022.1 release.

Over time, we plan to make many of these tools and features available again in future Alteryx Designer FIPS releases.

Alteryx Designer FIPS empowers data analysts with data prep, blending, and analytics solutions—with drag-and-drop capabilities that speed up every step of the analytic process. You have access to many of the great features typically available in Designer, with some limitations that we’ve noted on this page.

Alteryx Designer FIPS: Excluded Features

These features are not available as part of Alteryx Designer FIPS:

  • These Analytic Apps are not available:
    • Calgary: Create Link Between 2 Tables
    • Data Statistics
  • The ability to Download Predictive Tools via the Options menu is not available.
  • The Lock Workflow feature is not available.
  • The Hide option for Password Encryption is not available.
  • The Send tool usage data for Customer Experience/Improvement program option in User Settings is disabled and not available.
  • The Schedule Workflow and View Schedules options in the Options menu are not available. The Add Workflow to Schedule action (on the canvas) is also not available.
  • Access to System Settings is not available.

Designer Interoperability with Other Alteryx Products

Alteryx Server

Designer interoperability with Server:

  • The ability to open a workflow from Server is not available.
  • The ability to save a workflow to Server is not available.
  • The ability to add a new Server connection via Designer is not available.

Alteryx Promote

The ability to add a Promote connection is not available.

Alteryx Connect

The option to Manage Connect Credentials is not available.

Alteryx Platform

Designer interoperability with Alteryx Platform:

  • The Manage Alteryx Links feature (linking Designer to Alteryx Platform) is not available.
  • The ability to open a workflow from Platform is not available.
  • The ability to save a workflow to Platform is not available.


Licensing features are not available as part of the Alteryx Designer FIPS.

  • The Manage Licenses window is not available.
  • The option to Connect to License Server is not available.
  • The option to View Partner Data License Manager is not available.
  • The Backup and Restore feature is not available.
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