Last modified: May 04, 2022
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Community.

Type of Support

Read and Write

Release Notes
Version Description
v 1.0.0
  • Supports OAuth (including SSO) and Access Token Authentication Methods 
  • Allows users to download the folders and files locally. 
  • Requires Alteryx Designer 2021.3 and Later 

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect


Box Input Tool


Box Output Tool

Use the Box connector to run, schedule, and publish workflows from Designer, using files stored in your Box workspace. Supported file types are XLSX, CSV and YXDB.

Box App Registration

  1. Log in to using your Box credentials.
  2. Select Create New App.
  3. Select Custom App.
  4. In Authentication Method, select User Authentication (OAuth 2.0). Enter App Name and select Create App.
  5. On the Configuration tab in Application Scopes, select Write all file and folders stored in Box to provide permission to the app.
  6. Select Save Changes.
  7. To generate a new developer token, select Revoke and then select Generate Developer Token.
  8. You can use Client ID and Client Secret from OAuth 2.0 Credentials for authentication.

Custom Application Setup

To avoid a Box CORS issue when using the app with OAuth authentication or Access Token and JWT, use a custom configuration:

  1. Box app with OAuth authentication:
    1. Add Redirect URI to resolve the CEF window CORS issue.
    2. Enter file://* for Allowed Origins.
  2. Box app with Access Token and JWT authentication:
    1. Enter file://* for Allowed Origins.


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