Last modified: May 04, 2022
Connection Type

Alteryx Tools (older versions available from the Alteryx Community)

Type of Support


Validated On

Tableau SDK 10.3 (Spatial support)

Alteryx Tools Used to Connect

Input Data Tool Icon

Input Data Tool

Output Data Tool Icon

Output Data Tool

Tableau Output Tool

Tableau Output Tool

Publish to Tableau Server Tool Icon

Publish to Tableau Server Tool

  • Input Data Tool reads data as a Tableau Hyper data extract (HYPER) file. This tool supports only local files.
  • Output Data Tool saves data as a Tableau data extract (TDE) or Tableau Hyper data extract (HYPER) file. This tool supports only local files.
  • Tableau Output Tool creates a Tableau Hyper dataset and uploads it to the Tableau server or saves it locally as a Tableau Hyper data extract (HYPER) file.

  • Publish to Tableau Server Tool is deprecated. Functionality was replaced by Tableau Output Tool.


Login Options

Tableau doesn’t support single sign-on or multi-factor authentication. Only sign in using username and password or personal access tokens is supported. Personal access tokens are long-lived authentication tokens that allow you to run automation with Tableau REST APIs without requiring hard-coded credentials or interactive login.

Tableau Output Tool Search

You can only search in full names, so you need to provide 'datasource name' instead of just 'name'.

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