Last modified: May 04, 2022
Connection Type

Alteryx Tool. The latest version is available from the Alteryx Community.

Release Notes
Version Description
  • Fixed issue with URL validation allowing only for .com domain.
  • Initial Release
  • Supports authentication of both local users and domain users.
  • Set the to-be executed process manually or dynamically.
  • Set the input parameters manually or dynamically.
  • Proxy Support
  • Compatible with Alteryx Designer version 2021.3 and later.
  • Requires On-Premise UiPath Orchestrator

These steps show how to integrate UiPath processes into your Designer workflows.

  1. Drag and drop the UiPath tool onto your canvas.
  2. To create a new connection, provide the URL, Tenant, your User Name, and Password. Optionally you can set Connection Name to store the credentials in DCM. You can sign in...
    • As a local user with a username and password.
    • As a domain user (with your Windows Account)—provided sign-in data (in the format domain \ username) is used only when starting the workflow.

      Make sure to use the correct credentials when you sign in with your Windows account (domain). There is no error message if the credentials are not correct, but you are not able to see your data, or the workflow processing fails.

  3. On the Options - Process tab select how to pass the parameters.
    • Manually: Select the process from your folders.
    • From a Field: You need an Input tool connected to the workflow. The data entry tool must contain at least one of these: Process ID and process Release Key.
  4. On the Options - Parameters tab, you can assign a robot to execute a process and select how to pass the input parameters.
    • Get parameters from a field: You can select the field from the incoming data. The incoming field should contain valid JSON to provide the parameter value.
    • Manually: If the user input is needed for the process to execute, you can enter a fixed value or select the field for the incoming data. You can also provide Custom Parameters in key-value format.

      For manually set parameters to be populated, you need to have manually selected process on the Options - Process tab.

  5. Choose whether to wait for the result or not on the Options - Output tab. You can wait until the process finishes with the output in JSON, which can take a long time. Or you can execute without waiting for the output. You will get information that the process is put into the queue successfully and assigned a job ID. The default option means the workflow will not wait for the process to get executed.
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