AlteryxGallery_Lucene MongoDB Schema

2022.2 FIPS
Last modified: November 28, 2022

The AlteryxGallery_Lucene MongoDB contains the indices for search within the Server UI part of your Server instance. This article covers the AlteryxGallery_Lucene MongoDB schema version 42, which corresponds to Server versions 2022.2. Servers using either embedded MongoDB or user-managed MongoDB use this schema.

As a Server admin, you might need to access the MongoDB schema for your Server instance for reporting and analysis. You can access the MongoDB schema using any compatible client. mongo Shell is a good tool for command-line access. MongoDB Compass is a good tool for GUI access. If you use MongoDB Atlas you can access the database documents via the Atlas web console.

 We do not support making direct edits to your MongoDB database. Doing so can cause unexpected results.

The AlteryxGallery_Lucene MongoDB is made up of the below collections. Collections are a groupings of MongoDB documents which are made up of a set of field-value pairs. Select a collection to see the definition of the fields, also known as the schema.


The bootstrap Collection contains Lucene search startup data. 

  • _id: (ObjectId) Document primary key.
  • ignored: (String)

The luceneFS.chunks Collection contains Lucene search indexes and data files stored in binary chunks.

  • _id: (ObjectId) Document primary key.
  • files_id: (ObjectId) Metadata ID stored in luceneFS.files.
  • n: (Int32) Chunk part number.
  • data: (Binary) Base64-encoded binary data.

The luceneFS.files Collection contains Lucene search indexes and data about the stored binary chunks.

  • _id: (ObjectId) Document primary key.
  • length: (Int64) String length of the index data in the file. 
  • chunkSize: (Int32) Size of the file chunk.
  • UploadDate: (Date) Date-time (UTC) index file was created.
  • md5: (String) md5 checksum hash of the index file.
  • filename: (String) Name and path of the index file.

The luceneFS.locks collection contains index search lock data. Locks are established while an index job is in progress and are removed once completed.

  • _id: (ObjectId) Document primary key.
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