2022.2 FIPS
Last modified: August 24, 2022
  • Administrative permissions on each of the servers that will become cluster nodes. 
  • Permissions to Create Computer Objects and Read All Properties in the container used for computer accounts in the Active Directory domain. 
  • User-managed MongoDB: For instructions on setting up a user-managed MongoDB on Windows, refer to the How to Create a User Managed MongoDB Instance article.  
  • A minimum of 3 (1 primary and 2 failover) servers (virtual or physical), to act as Alteryx Server Controllers. 
    • It is recommended to have an odd number of systems to maintain Cluster Quorum. If you do not have an odd number of servers, to maintain a Quorum, you should use a disk, file share, or cloud witness.  
    • For high-availability, it is recommended that the servers be geographically dispersed. The failover controllers should never reside on the same Virtual Host, or within the same Data Center. 
    • At minimum, each node within the failover cluster requires an Alteryx Server for High Availability license (SKU: AX‐147956).  
  • For additional information on Microsoft Failover Clustering, refer to the Failover Clustering in Windows Server and Azure Stack HCI article. 
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